Black Silkie Hen and CockerelPros: Very good mothers, pretty feathering.
Cons: Prone to broodiness.
Eggs: Good winter layer of tinted eggs.


Silkies are a very popular breed of chicken with very attractive feathers. The feathers have no barbs to hold them together which gives the bird a fluffy appearance.


Gold Silkie CockerelSilkies come in a variety of colours. We keep black, gold, cuckoo, blue and partridge. All silkies, regardless of feather colour have black skin. They also have five toes on each foot rather than the usual four.


Cuckoo Silkie HenThey can be good winter layers, often continuing to lay when other pure breeds have stopped.


The silkie is used widely to cross with other breeds to produce broodies as they have a reputation for becoming broody easily and being very attentive mothers.


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