Hatching Eggs


If you are interested in buying hatching eggs of any the breeds we keep please contact us to place an order or to check availabilty.

Cream Legbar ChickPekin Bantam (Gold Partridge)- £1.50 per egg
Poland Bantam (Chamois)- £1.50 per egg
Friesian -(Chamois) - £1.50 per egg
Jersey Giant (Blue, Black, Splash)
- £1.50 per egg
Wyandotte (Silver Pencilled, White)- £1.50 per egg
Leghorn (Brown,
White, Exchequer)- £1.50 per egg
Silkie (Black, Gold, Cuckoo, Blue, Partridge) - £1.50 per egg

Sebright (Gold, Silver) - £1.50 per egg

Ixworth - £1.50 per egg

Dutch Bantams (Gold Partridge, Mixed) - 1.50 per egg

Buff Plymouth Rock Bantam - £1.50 per egg

Transylvanian Naked Neck - £1.50 per egg

Araucana - (Red and Black) - £1.50 per egg


We are happy for you to collect your eggs and view the parent birds by arrangement (just contact us) or we can post six eggs anywhere in the UK at an additional cost of £6.50 for next day, special delivery. (Available for posting Monday to Thursday)

If you would like more than 6 eggs please contact us as we may be able to do you an incubator filling deal!