Welcome to Pembrokeshire Poultry

Pembrokeshire Poultry are hobby breeders of quality, pure breed poultry based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.Millefleur Pekin Pullet


We currently keep thirteen different rare and pure breeds of chicken; from bantams suitable as garden pets to beautiful, large hens which will provide you with regular eggs.


We are happy to provide free advice on choosing the right breed of chicken for your needs and situation or check out our keeping chickens page for basic information. We also keep various breeds of heritage turkeys.

At Pembrokeshire Poultry we pride ourselves on hatching and rearing attractive, healthy chickens for our own pleasure and for sale. Our chicks are reared in small batches and are raised outside on grass as soon as they are off heat which helps to produce hardy, resilient hens.

Our unrelated breeding groups are kept in large, spacious, grassy runs safe from predators or are allowed to free range. The chickens are fed quality pellets to ensure good fertility. We are able to provide fertile hatching eggs from our breeds in season and check the fertility regularly to try to ensure that you have a successful hatch.

Help and Advice

Feel free to contact us with any questions or enquiries and we will do our best to help.


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01994 419 286 or email us